Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

Friday we headed to Troy, Alabama for Will's 10 year high school reunion. I met a lot of nice people and we made our way around to several of Troy's local hangouts. I found these shoes at Sikes and Kohn Country Mall. I asked Will "What do you think about these shoes ?" to which he replied, "It looks like you stepped on a rabbit." I laughed and decided to get them. I have been looking for warmer shoes since it will be winter when we get to Africa. 

On Saturday our friend Ruth flew in to take a tour of the South. We took her to Rojo and then on to Walmart. We really spared no expense.

Saturday evening we headed to a peace vigil that was being held in opposition to the new immigration bill that was signed by Governor Bentley. It was a peaceful event where people of all faiths came and joined together in a prayer walk around downtown Birmingham. It was my first peace vigil. The presence of all the people was beautiful. They had several faith leaders in the community to offer prayer and then everyone filed out and we walked a 5 block radius. It made me think of the Civil Rights movement and the energy that everyone must have felt because they were exercising their voice for justice. I am proud that we participated in this vigil. It it is often easier to convince ourselves that we have no power at all and so in despair we do nothing.

Everyone brought candles and held
them as we walked.

A sweet little girl in the crowd.
As we walked.

Later that evening we headed to Moe's barbecue so that Ruth could get a taste of something Southern. Will picked out several of the Southern brews so that she could give them a sampling. We were glad that she wore a different shirt so she could break up our v-neck family photo.
On Sunday we took Ruth to float the Little Cahaba. Some other friends joined us as we meandered lazily down the river. We all headed back to the apartment for dinner and then dessert at Edgewood Creamery.  All in all it was a great weekend. I am tired, but it was totally worth it.

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  1. Loved the comment will made about your shoes. Quick witted! I thought they were house shoes for a sec : ) But if anyone can pull them off, it is you rach! can't wait to see you!!!