Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Bean Update

We are almost at the halfway point.  The baby is the size of a large baked potato. The bean weighs 7 ounces and is about 5 1/2 inches long. He/She is flexing its arms and legs. I can vouch that the flexing is happening because I felt the baby kick this week for the first time. I think the bean is going to be a night owl. It was so exciting and so crazy to think there is actually a baby growing in my stomach. What a privilege to be able to be the one who gets to carry the baby. I had a moment when I thought it is so great to be a woman.

I am feeling pretty good. I have had some heartburn which isn't exactly my definition of fun. We have our next appointment next week. We aren't finding out the sex of the baby so hopefully we won't see any hotdogs or hamburgers.

You may be thinking why aren't you finding out the sex? It is hard to wait I admit, but we live in such a world of instant gratification that we feel the delayed gratification will make this time all the more special. Don't worry the not knowing of gender has not stopped my mom one bit. She informed me the other day that she just finished a dozen burb clothes. She is a machine. Thanks mom!

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  1. You look WONDERFUL! it is such an amazing thing to be a women and cary a life inside.