Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jairus' family

We got to visit the home of our friend Jairus a couple of weekends ago. We look a minibus to the rural area of Chibombo about 2 hours out of town. We got to meet his mother, aunt, and cousins. He made us lunch and showed us around the farm.

This is where they cook their meals. He
is making nshima (similar to grits) a staple
food in Zambia.
This is our lunch: epawa (wild eggplant), greens, nshima,
and, kepenta (small fish).
We had papaya for dessert.

Will is chatting with Jairus' mother in Nyanja.
Most of the family lives on this plot of land.
Lillian is crushing corn. Some will be
for the chickens and the other will be
taken to the hammer mill and made into

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