Thursday, November 3, 2011

23 Weeks

This is pretty much where I live now. Meet Julie what a cutie.

I am 23 weeks pregnant and HOT! Lusaka is on the fringes of the dry season and I am daily hoping the rainy season is around the bend. Since the bean is able to sense movement he/she is also able to feel when I am dancing; which is often. His/Her hearing has developed by now which means certain sounds no longer faze the bean... like the high pitch of Michael Jackson's voice.  His/Her blood vessels are developing in the lungs to prepare for breathing. Just this past week the bean kicked and I saw my stomach move. It was so cool and a little creepy.

{All the information came from baby center}

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  1. Over half way there! How exciting. Enjoy the time as best as you can. It is one amazing ride. I loved seeing my belly move. It is strange too, BUT amazing. I wish i was the one holding you up in the water. SAD!