Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 Things I have learned while living in Lusaka

1. Pedestrians never EVER have the right of way.
2. 24 people on the minibus is perfectly acceptable
3. The concept of lines doesn't exist here.
4. A burning fire on the side of the road is nothing to be alarmed about. People are just burning their trash usually unattended.
5. Shards of glass protruding from the top of a wall is the common burglar system.
6. AK47s slung on cop's shoulders doesn't seem to bother anyone.
7. All women are affectionately called momma.
8. Excessive honking while you are walking doesn't mean that people think you are hot. They assume because you are white that you have an endless amount of money for taxis.
9. Hanging out at the mall hasn't been this much fun since Jr.High
10. "You've gotten fat." is a compliment which means you are doing well for yourself.

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