Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

On Friday we went to spend the evening with the Sherry family. They just put up a zip line in their backyard and Will needed to make sure it was legit. Caroline is an amazing cook. She prepared enchiladas and for dessert brownies and vanilla ice cream. 

The Sherry Family
On Saturday we planned to have brunch with another couple. We headed over to their house and to our surprise all our friends were there. They put together a surprise baby shower for us. We ate and played games. They bought us a gift certificate to Amazon, a handmade baby blanket, and a dvd highlighting our time here. I was speechless. I have only known these people for 6 months and I was blown away by their generosity.

I cried.
Just chatting it up.
Posing with Julie and Kali.
The game coordinator

The yummy food.

Games...all kinds of games.
The Roomies

On Saturday afternoon we went to the hash. The hash is popular in the expat world. Their moto is "a drinking club with a running problem." Each Saturday they have a new place to run. This week it was held at the forestry club. The scenery is typically beautiful. They mark out different paths and you have to figure out which way is correct. It ends up being about 5k once you are finished. There is also a walking path which is what I did with my friend Julie. When the run is over they all stand in a circle to punish, reward, or recognize individuals. Then they sing the following song each time someone is called into the circle.

"Here's to Jill she is blue. She is a hasher through and through. She is a piss pot so they say she'll never get to heaven in a long long way. Drink it down down down......Why are we waiting?"

When the song gets to drink it down you have to finish your beer. They called us into the circle because I am pregnant. They called us 2 and 7/8s. It is really random and also really fun. 
Julie and Syd were called into the circle because of their
matching bright colored shirts.
Our crew.
Giving love to the bean
On Sunday we headed to the market to buy a few last minute gifts for people. Will and I finally set goals for 2012. We are a little behind but better late than never. We managed to visit our favorite doughnut shop for one last time and then headed to lunch with some friends. We capitalized on a rainy afternoon with an office marathon. It was one of the best weekends I have had in Lusaka. 

We are both starting to get sad about leaving. We have loved our time here and wouldn't trade it for anything. We have met some wonderful people and will cherish the time we got to have with them...especially our house mates. We love you guys.


  1. Rachel. congrats on the baby, you look great. This post brought back a lot of memories from my time in Tokyo. I did a hash with a rowdy group there. They even passed out patches during the circle. Fun times!

  2. This whole post made me so happy for you guys... and the bean! I love that your friends gave you a shower. So special.

    Much love.

  3. How WONDERFUL! i am so glad you have good friends over there and that they showed you love with the shower. So many wonderful memories. Now, if you could just get back over here!!! : )