Friday, February 17, 2012

The Things in My Head

Do you ever wish you could pull off the things you think in your head like: bursting into song and dance on a bus or saying something off color with a straight face?

We went to the doctor today for our check up and she always asks if I have any questions. Usually I have a few that I have gathered since my last visit. Will and I were waiting to be called back and he asked if I remembered all my questions. I turned to him and said what if when the doctor asked if I had any questions I said:

Me: yes,I have 3 questions (using my fingers to let her know what number belongs to each question)
1. Can my husband be naked during labor?
2. Can we have sex in the water birthingtub?
3. Can someone feed me grapes?

(all this while keeping a straight face as I wait on her to answer)

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