Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap up

The weather this weekend was wonderful. On Friday I rode with Rita and Mimi (mother in law and sister in law) to look at wedding dresses. Mimi is getting married in November and she wanted help narrowing her selections. She decided on a dress that wasn't even in her top picks. I love it when this happens. She just glowed when she tried the very last dress on. Matt is a lucky man.

On Saturday Will, Vivi, and I met my brother and his family at the local farmer's market. The girls got snow cones and we bought some sausage. Riveting I know. It was the perfect temperature for walking around. As I enjoyed my coffee I let my mind daydream about having a booth and what items I would sell. 

We headed over to Moe's for lunch to enjoy their outside seating and have some of their tasty BBQ. 

Later that evening I was in such a bad mood. I can't even tell you why. Will looked at me and said, "what do you need?" I told him I needed someone to either sweep the den or make cupcakes. He chose the latter and I was so glad he did because they were just what I needed. 

Our roommates came home and helped decorate them. We have been trying to find a house name. So far we have come up with the ol' nipple or butt crack which is why the cupcakes are decorated the way they are. Neither of these names have that certain ring. We will keep looking.

Not only did Will make cupcakes but he also dazzled me with his cooking skills. He made shrimp tacos with a cilantro slaw and I made mojitos with mint from the garden. It was a perfect pair.

On Sunday I got some time to myself to write, read, and drink coffee. It is amazing what a little alone time will do for my frame of mind. I sure do love my little girl, but it is really hard because I don't get to blog or make things like before. I know that will change as she gets older so I am trying to remind myself to enjoy this time and get a break when I need one.

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