Monday, May 14, 2012

We had a pretty busy weekend. Several months ago we started a garden with our housemates. They have had one for a couple of years but this is our first. Really what I mean is this is Will's first because I do a lot of watching. We have recently had a ton of herbs come up and now are reaping peas and beans. Since we had more basil than we knew what to do with we made pesto and froze it. We ended up making 7 batches.

our  snow peas
green beans
That afternoon I stepped out on the porch and there was a care package all the way from Washington state. Stacy, a dear friend, sent Vivi some adorable clothes and an off the shoulder swimsuit. I can't wait to get a picture of her splashing around in it this summer. Then in the mailbox was a sweet card from my mom for my first mother's day.

On Saturday evening we celebrated Jaime and Brooks at their engagement party. It had a country theme so of course Vivi sported her cowgirl boots. 
These are two of Will's dear friends from his early days in Birmingham.
The bride to be is on the left.

Sunday for mother's day Will continued with our tradition of making homemade cards. He made me breakfast and we laid around and enjoyed the rainy morning. I wanted to go on a picnic, but the ground was too soggy. We ended up going to an outlet mall nearby and I found a few great buys.

Sunday evening we headed to my brother's house for homemade pizza night. We brought our pesto and some other items. One of my favorite things about a garden is being able to share what you have grown. When we got there my brother was partaking in a blonde ale with a little rosemary.

It was very tasty.
chicken, feta, pesto pizza
Kate, our pizza assistant.
Our feast
A little loving on Vivi time.
Cousin couch time.
She is Holly's favorite.

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