Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Homemade Cards

Ever since Will and I started dating back in the fall of 2008 he has given me handmade cards. On my 1st birthday we were together I received "birthday in a box". He sent me a box of everything I would need to celebrate my birthday; right down to the cupcake mix. I found the cupcake card nestled in the bottom of the box. (I freaked out I was in denial at this point)
For our first date he mailed me an invitation that gave the details of the evening to come. He designed it after a wedding invitation and even inserted a piece of tissue paper. The others are various events or holidays. It is one of my favorite things that he does. Do you have any favorite things you do for other people or that they do for you?

The one on the far left folds out accordion style, it is 
pretty impressive.


  1. That is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever heard of!

    Unfortunately, I don't have anything like this that I do. I do love to give little happys along the way, but nothing like this. I'm encouraged to do more things like this!

    So, so happy that you met Will! It appears that God most defintely designed the two of you for each other!!
    PS I mentioned you on my blog today! Maybe it will send some peeps your way!

  2. I love those cards! So sweet. At the very beginning of our interest in one another, before the actual dating began, J was a camp nurse for 2 weeks in the country with no phone access. We wrote letters to each other back & forth that whole time. I have them all. Makes me feel all old-school romantic! And, yes, Mona has a twin, Midge. Small world.

  3. My artwork is finally finding its place in the public eye