Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Tree Chopping Time

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. We went to chop down our Christmas tree this past Sunday. This place was pretty great. They had FREE hot chocolate or cider and a live reindeer....just one and he looked a little sad. His eyes peereed into my soul and seemed to say great more ass clowns here to gawk. I couldn't hold his gaze very long because my shame was palatable for staring. We moved on.

 Mikey brought his axe just to show everybody who was boss. It wasn't long before we found our tree. We all gave it a nice swing...some a few more times than others.

Even Viola got a quick sip.

 Her stache looks like a French chef. She is so cultured.

These two are the cutest.

I forgot to mention these. Who doesn't like to have one of these at your tree farm?

Lindsay's turn

Getting down and dirty.


A blood bath...he killed that thing.

I couldn't resist all the leaves...and neither could she.

I could eat her up in that fuzzy jacket.

Family shot.

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