Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This year has gotten off to a faster start than I would like. I wanted to take some reflective time to set personal goals and goals as a couple. That hasn't happened quite the way I envisioned. I more or less looked at last year's goals and rewrote them. Kind of like when you would check your math answers in the back of the book before actually finishing the problem. There is still time, but I feel so out of sorts when I don't take this time.

Here is what we have been up to these last several weeks.

Starting new projects.

Trying my hand at a small sewing project.

 Mikey and Lindsay made everyone cazuela. It was delicious.

We took my nieces rock climbing for their Christmas.

Started up a new season of Downton Abbey which we also coined Drunkton Abbey.
Celebrate Epiphany with huevos rancheros and king cake.

The said king cake.

Lindsay found the baby. On Fat Tuesday she gets to be queen for the day.
We started the king cake tradition last year. The Hannons brought us back a porcelain baby like the ones that used to be in king cakes years ago. I have been waiting all year to hide that baby. I am so excited to see what Lindsay has planned. She is so creative and loves to celebrate i.e. it is going to be awesome.

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