Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Around Here

Hello There!!! I haven't made a ton of time for blogging lately. To be honest I kinda lost my drive. I would take my camera places with me and think do people really care that I am at a farmer's market? I'm not too sure that I care I am at a farmer's market. Although I wax and wane I push on. Here is an update of the last few weeks.

Two weekends ago we headed to New Orleans to  look for housing. We got there early afternoon on Friday and decided to headed down to the French Quarter for the French Quarter Festival. It is said that New Orleans loves their festivals which is fine by me. We got a seat on the balcony and enjoyed a crab appetizer. After that we strolled the streets and took in all the music and street performances.

The people.

Crab cheesecake

This man loves Michael Jackson and is an amazing dancer.

On Saturday we enjoyed sleeping in and walking to a local breakfast spot before meeting the realtor.

His way of doing business was a little different .
The realtor drove us all over New Orleans. We felt more confused than ever where we should live. We came to the conclusion that we are better off renting until we can get a better idea of the city and where we want to be. We stopped off at Mid City Park to continue our Harry Potter obsession.

 We got home on Sunday and refueled for the week.

This past weekend we headed to Tupelo, Mississippi for a wedding. Jonathan and Sara Beth were attending the same wedding and invited us to stay with them at their parent's house in New Albany. The weather was perfect. The guys fished, we walked around, sat on the porch, and went for a boat ride.

Almost all these photos were captured by Sara Beth. She was trying out a new camera lens and we got to be her subjects. There were so many more pictures, but I decided 50 pictures would be excessive.

Love this one.

We clean up pretty nicely huh?
The bride and groom.

We headed back on Sunday afternoon and went straight to the Earth Day festival at Avondale Brewery. We have been to this celebration the last four years and have loved it, but this year it was different. It used to be in the park where you could come and go and there was no admission. You could spread out and enjoy the music. It felt too commericalized this year. I don't always like bigger and better. {End soap box}

We met our lovely friend Claire and enjoyed the sun and music. Needless to say I was pretty tired after we settled in on Sunday evening, but mostly because I am pregnant!!! What!!! Yep it is true. We are expecting baby #2 October 24th.

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