Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Will was in Huntsville on a rotation the whole month of March so I have been checked out of blog world. I have been relieved to have him back along with the help he offers and to be able to get some much needed time for myself.This month is his last month and then he is finished. He is beyond excited.

This month's rotations are pretty light so we have been taking trips to the park and icee pit stops. We ventured down to railroad park to partake in a sunbath while reading our latest favorite. We  enjoy reading out loud to each other and with a bit of hesitation we decided to hop the Harry Potter train. We are obsessed.

We had a relaxing evening at home putting the little one to bed while struggling to stay up to a reasonable hour. Saturday morning we went and watched my neice Meg play softball. She was adorable. All the kids looking like life size bobble heads. My brother is helping coach and seems to be having a great time.

After her game we headed to Atlanta with the Cobb's to see baby girl Lumpkin. Our friends just gave birth to their first child last week so we were dying to meet her. Her name is Emerson Marie and they will call her Emmy. She was so sweet and so tiny.

Is this picture better ladies?
Vivi also couldn't wait to get her hands on her.
 We headed back Saturday night. On Sunday we relaxed and enjoyed some down time. That afternoon we headed to Holly's soccer game. She is the one on the far right.

 We ended the day sitting outside. Will planted a cilantro plant and Vivi ate dirt.
It was a pretty great weekend if I have to say so myself.

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  1. Ha, yes, that pic is definitely better of us! The winter months are not kind to the two girls on the right of that pic. Thank goodness for sunshine & spring!

    Favorite line of this post: "Will planted a cilantro plant and Vivi ate dirt." Made me smile so big! I love that kids eat dirt. :)