Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Real World Zambia Pad

I thought I would give you a tour of the intern house. We have four other roommates. Two of the four live in a smaller house out back. We all share the kitchen. It has worked out nicely so far. All of our roommates are really great. Sadly, two of them will be leaving to return to the States at the end of the month. We will then be getting two more roommates who will be around the entire year. 
Here is our bedroom with our fairytale mosquito net.
Our living room. Complete with Christmas snowflakes.
Our dining room.
Our kitchen
Our porch and the lovely hammock.

Did I mention we get a pool?
In Zambia all the houses are walled compounds secured by a guard. It is normal to be walking down the street and see nothing but walls and trees. It isn't the most inviting, but they do that to keep people out. All in all Lusaka is a safe place. There is petty crime, but nothing more than any other city. 

The people here are so kind. They love it when you try and speak Nyanja which is the most common language beside English. In this culture you rarely say hello and keep walking, even strangers will stop to have a conversation with you. Typically you would ask how the person is and their family before getting to the real meat of the conversation.

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  1. I am so glad i get to see your home. It looks nice and cozy. I just want to know if there is a picture of me on the wall in your bedroom? I miss you and love you lots!!! think about you often!